M&P Courier Tracking 2022

To track your m&p courier or mnp courier online, you just need to have a consignment or tracking id. When you place an order for the shipment, and it’s out for delivery, the distribution agent or supplier provides a unique consignment or tracking number which you can use to track your courier online. We’ve made it easy for you to do M&P Online Courier Tracking. You just need to simply:

  • Enter your consignment or tracking id in the box below.
  • You’ll find a button, named “Track Your Order”.
  • Click the button to start tracking your order.

M&P Courier Tracking:

MNP Couriers:

MNP not only provides logistics but also a variety of different services in many different regions. From M&P COD account creation to personalized couriers and their delivery, from printing to distribution or simple logistics, all these services are the normal day-to-day processes of mnp. Some of the Best MNP or M&P Services include:

  • Logistics (where it is fleet management, reverse logistics, or warehousing)
  • Cod Accounts Services ( Either Corporate COD or Retail COD for eCommerce businesses)
  • Couriers Tracking (Online and Offline)
  • Print & Distribution (Mail Management & Printing)
  • Premium Gifts Deliveries (Safely Picking & Delivering the Personalized and Special Gifts)

What is Consignment or Tracking Id?

Consignment or tracking id is a number that is provided by the agent to you when your order is out for delivery. It’s a unique number for the courier and it helps in tracking the courier easily. So, storing this number will help you to track the order whether it is in any stage that is out for delivery, in any other store or it’s delivered.

This unique consignment number is necessary to track your parcels. So, for the most part, you’ve to enter your consignment number to track, if you lost it you’ve to get it again from the delivery agent.

M&P Courier Tracking
M&P Courier Tracking

How to Track M&P Couriers in Pakistan (Courier Tracking Methods):

Tracking couriers is not a hard job or task to do. Simply, you need to keep in check with people who’re involved in parcel collection and distribution. Once the parcel is out, the distribution agent will issue a unique tracking number that can be used for m&p courier trackings.

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The parcel delivery is a crucial step so if customers want to track their couriers that where is the courier, in which stage it’s passing through, its destination, or whether it’s collected or not. These are all the possible situations that customers can assume, so m&p made it easy by introducing a specialized courier tracking system.

Here are the 4 most common methods to track your order if you live in Pakistan.

1. Through Website:

To Track your order, you must be given a tracking id. You need to enter this tracking id in the above section. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Scroll above, there you’ll find a section that contains a box in which you need to enter your tracking it.
  • Place your tracking id in the box.
  • Click on “Track Your Order” to finally track it.

2. Through Phone Call

The second and most easy to easy method to track your order is to make a phone call to your nearest office. Here are some of the main head office’s phone numbers and addresses:

Karachi contact@mulphilog.com Opposite, Nadra Mega Center, C-17 Main Korangi Industrial Road, D.H.A. Extension Phase 2, Karachi 021-111-202-202
Faisalabad contact@mulphilog.com Near Suzuki Showroom Opposite Toyota Motors Faisalabad 042-111-202-202
Hyderabad contact@mulphilog.com Latifabad No 2 Near Sapna Beauty Parlor Hyderabad 021-111-202-202
Lahore contact@mulphilog.com Near GNN News Head Office, 79/M Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore 042-111-202-202
Multan contact@mulphilog.com Opposite Allied Bank Near Chowk Raseed Abad Khanewal Road Multan 021-111-202-202
Rahim Yar Khan contact@mulphilog.com Abbasia Town Rahim Yar Khan 021-111-202-202
Vehari contact@mulphilog.com Opposite, United Bank Limited, Allama Iqbal Road, Vehari 03160020259
Haripur contact@mulphilog.com Khawaja Khan Market Near Lahore Hotel G.T Road Haripur 03315713182
Quetta contact@mulphilog.com Near Saigon Cafe & Restaurant, Shahbaz Town, Phase 3, Quetta Cantt 0321-5705327


If you don’t find your city in the above list, contact the Customer Care of M&P Here:

M&P Customer Care Details:

Contact Phone Number: (021) 111-202-202
Email: contact@mulphilog.com
Headquarters Address: C-17, Korangi Road D.H.A Phase II – Ext, Karachi – Pakistan

3. Through SMS:

If you don’t want to use the first method, you can track your order by using SMS. You can use the nearest office phone number, send them your tracking id and it will be done easily.

4. Through Email:

The 3rd option to track your courier is to send an email to “contact@mulphilog.com”. This is the official email so you have to provide the right information for your order that is:

  • Your consignment or tracking number.
  • Your parcel details

And they’ll get back to you with proper details about your parcel.

About M&P:

M&P is a logistics company that serves over 1600+ domestic as well as 200+ International Destinations. It is said to be one of the well-known and reliable courier service providers all over the world, especially in Pakistan. It has been estimated about 200 million parcels are delivered annually to different regions of the world. There are about 146 MNP Offices serving in Pakistan’s different regions. In this piece of content, we’ll be providing you with m&p online courier tracking system so you can if you live in any region of Pakistan, you can track your courier easily.

From m&p courier tracking to deliver, cash on delivery, print, and distribution or its simple logistics, MNP is serving locally and internationally. So, to track your courier online, we’ve made it easy for you. You just need to follow the instructions and start tracking your courier.

Why Track Your MNP Courier:

To ensure about your courier whether it’s in warehouse or out for delivery, it’s necessary to track the order. To look for the parcel, either it is in which stage, you need to keep on track. It’s because if mistakenly the address is wrong or parcel is delivered to any other address, you can simply contact the customer care support and make changes to your parcel delivery. Changes to delivery address can only be made after the parcel is returned from the wrong address so in the meanwhile you’ve to wait for a little. Also, the average parcel delivery time is 1 to 2 business days and if it’s out of the city it may take 3 to 5 days.

So, that’s why tracking the order is compulsory to keep an eye on your order, its delivery, and in which stage it’s passing through. It gives an estimation about the time to deliver, where it’s located and when it will be received.


How to Track the Shipment?

The process is the same. Put your consignment number in the above box to check at which stage your parcel is going through. So, it will give an estimation of the order arrival.

Can I track the COD Parcels?

Yes, you can track the COD parcels, the process remains the same.

How to change the shipping address?

You need to wait for it if you have entered the wrong address. When the parcel is will be returned from the supplier because of the wrong address, you can make changes to the address.

What to do If I lost the Tracking id?

You need to call the m&p helpline so that they will trace the agent who provides the tracking or consignment id.

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